Oversized loads

Transportation of oversized and heavy loads is one of the most difficult types of transportation. It requires the calculation of each stage as each of the oversized cargo has its own special parameters different from each other.
Each transportation project for  such load is a separate work that is individual by its nature and is performed by the interaction of the number of stages:

  • Optimal route development;
  • Selection of the most optimal vehicle;
  • Registration of all necessary permits.

Our team is well trained in oversized loads transportation not from stories but from our own practical experience.

Dangerous goods

We pay special attention to the transportations of dangerous loads (any substances that are in liquid, solid or gas state) because they can harm people, live creatures and the environment.

We provide the transportation of dangerous goods of 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9 classes (according to the Classification of Dangerous goods). We cooperate exclusively with carriers that have a certificate of admission of vehicles to transport dangerous goods of all classes.

All our customers are convinced that our operator keeps all the transportation process under control and that it will be brought to a logical conclusion according to the plan.

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