General cargoes transportation

General cargo transportation is the main type of transport scheme for modern medium and large companies. Transportation of general cargo means that the vehicle is fully loaded.

General cargoes are specific cargoes in a package or without it. By type of packaging, we mean here goods in any kind of container (in bags, boxes), as well as goods in the enlarged transport units (bags, pallets, trailers, containers). General cargo is the load that fills up all truck.

General shipments can be classified by many criteria: a weight of individual cargo, linear dimensions, storage modes, transportation overload, physical and chemical properties, etc. The lightweight cargoes include cargoes which at 1 ton of weight occupy a volume of more than 2 cubic meters (wool, tobacco, fluff, cotton wool, etc.). Large cargoes (by length) are those in which cargo space exceeds 3 m.

The established rules for transportation of general cargoes oblige all carriers to take into account their compatibility with respect to categories (take into account the peculiarity of each cargo types - cargo with aggressive chemical properties, neutral cargo, not resistant to aggressive factors, etc.).

In general, it should be noted that the preparation of general cargo for transportation is a complex, responsible and troublesome process. It is important to check the serviceability of the packaging, the integrity of the packaging cover, the serviceability of locks, ribbons, correct marking, etc.

Entrust this complicated process to our experienced team and this delivery time will only be associated with positive emotions only.

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