Avtotransekspeditsiya is a reliable service provider for customs clearance of your goods.  Autotranspexdition specialists are always up to date on the latest changes in the field of customs legislation,  have extensive experience and skills in competent preparation of customs clearance. Our specialists are ready  to advise you at the stage of the contract of delivery, during the processing of documents and after customs  clearance.  We are constantly improving and trying to work so that our customers feel as comfortable as possible, we are guided  by the international standards of work on delivery of goods and we always adhere to the deadlines. Accordingly, the  result of our work is the professional design of any type of product.  We provide the following customs brokerage services:   clarification of legal peculiarities of application of different customs regimes;   assistance in the preparation of customs clearance documents (certification, obtaining SES conclusions, veterinary and phytosanitary certificates, licensing and other permits);  selection of commodity codes nomenclature for foreign economic activity (UKTZED);   calculation of customs clearance costs, planning oan estimates of customs expenses for cargo;   consulting on the procedure for charging and payment of customs payments, customs privileges and conditions of their operation, etc.  Analyzing all the features of customs clearance,we understand that the customs clearance agent must have not only special  knowledge of the current legislation of Ukraine, but also of other countries. Our agent is able to find a way out not only from typical  situations but also is prepared to act outside the standard situations according to the requests of our clients. Working with us our partners  receive the minimization of customs risks, the provision of turnkey customs brokerage services in the shortest possible time,  quality and professional brokerage support at all stages of foreign economic activity.

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